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Friday, 11 November 2011 22:37

St. Charles Forestry Initiative


ST. CHARLES, MD – August, 2013 – The St. Charles Companies received Sustainable Forestry Initiative® (SFI®) certification for its forest management practices in June 2013. Through this initiative, the 9,100 acre, master-planned community ensures lasting excellence in its stewardship of all St. Charles forested areas through the sustainable harvest of mature, overmature, diseased and suppressed timber.

“SFI certification is an important endorsement of just one part of our sustainable practices here at St. Charles,” said St. Charles Companies CEO, Alan Shearer. “This is a nationally recognized program that allows us to boost the natural benefits of the forest while allowing for healthy harvesting –ensuring that we are growing more wood than we are harvesting.”

The St. Charles Companies has retained forestry consultant, Fred Schatzki, R.F. of American Forest Management, Inc. All trees selected for harvesting will be designated by a qualified Maryland Registered Forester. Selection is based on identifying areas that have biologically and financially mature timber and areas that are in poor condition due to prior management activities and that are in need of improvement. Meanwhile, the removal of diseased, invasive and unhealthy trees will improve the overall health and vigor of the forest and will protect and enhance wildlife habitat, protect soil and water resources and enhance the visual appeal of the forest.

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